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Weegee poster - Heatspell, 1938 (ref 13)

Weegee poster - Heatspell, 1938 (ref 13)

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A2 (594mm x 420mm)

Poster text:

Heatspell, 1938. Children sleeping on the fire-escape.

‘Our rooms were freezing cold in the winter and roasting in the summer. To get away from the heat, we kids used to sleep on the fire escape. That was all right until it began to rain. Then back we had to go to the sweltering rooms. Waiting for us were the bedbugs. They had the last laugh and bite.

…I was reliving my early life. I would see a bunch of kids, sleeping on the fire escape.
I would go up to the house…the doors were never locked in the tenements…go upstairs and out onto the fire escape over the sleeping kids and make a shot of them. Then I would leave five dollars for the folks so that the kids might have candy. Ice cream, or a movie.’ (from Weegee by Weegee)

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