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Steel Works (ref 20)

Steel Works (ref 20)

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Exhibition poster of ‘Steel Works’ shown at Side Gallery in 1989. This exhibition represented a series of accounts of Consett, both from within the community and from outside, and contained images that were taken between 1910 and 1989, before, after, and during the closure of Consett steelworks. The image is by Julian Germain of a miner’s cottage representation at Beamish Museum in 1988. (A2 594mm x 420mm)

Text: There was a time when to be from Consett was to be almost a celebrity. Catapulted into the media spotlight, we were photographed and interviewed by every kind of journalist, analysed by economists and sociologists, became the subject of television documentaries and academic studies. Now the vast steelworks site, grassed over and landscaped, awaits council inspiration. Of the proposed schemes, which have included a Category A prison, the most bizarre has been a tourist theme park for the elderly entitled ‘The Coming Of Age’.

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