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Weegee poster - Summer, The Lower East Side (ref 12)

Weegee poster - Summer, The Lower East Side (ref 12)

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A2 (594mm x 420mm)

Poster text:

Summer, The Lower East Side, 1937

‘Escape from the heat… these tenement people opened up the water hydrant… and got cooled off.’
(from Naked City)

‘If one wanted the luxury of a bath, there were the free public baths where one could get a towel and soap for two pennies and a nickel deposit for the towel. In the hot summer days, on the way home from work, I often went to the public bath on Monroe Street. The place was usually jammed with people waiting on the benches for their turns in the bathrooms.
The overflow lined up outside. Because the baths shut at eight, the attendants, eager to close on time, used to double us up in the shower room. They would bang on the doors to hurry us. Normally, one could stay in about a half-hour, but before closing time we were allowed no more than ten minutes.’ (from Weegee by Weegee)

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