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The Scar DVD

The Scar DVD

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Amber, UK, 1997, 114 mins, colour.

Like many  women active during the miner’s strike, May Murton (Charlie Hardwick) has been left to clean up the mess. The closure of the pit, a failed marriage and the community’s disintegration have shattered both her personal and political beliefs. Her teenage children (Darren Bell and Katja Roberts) are out of control. Her estranged husband (Brian Hogg) has taken up residence in the allotments. At a dance, the night before the Durham Miners’ Gala, May meets Roy Cotton (Bill Speed) the recently arrived manager of an open cast mine.
The film has its roots in Amber’s work, during the 1984 strike, with women’s support groups, one of which was in Easington, County Durham. In the aftermath of the closure of the Easington pit in 1993, Amber began to reconnect with the communities of East Durham, initially working with young people on a video project. As the ideas for a feature film began to develop, the Easington activists shared their experiences, forming the basis for the script. 
The Scar was the first feature film in what became a coalfield trilogy with Like Father in 2001 and Shooting Magpies in 2005. 

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