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Eden Valley DVD

Eden Valley DVD

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Amber, UK, 1994, 100 mins

The film is set within a harness racing fraternity and explores the conflict between urban and rural values through the medium of an evolving relationship between father and son.

The main character in the film, Hoggy, abandoned his wife and son ten years earlier to establish himself in an alternative lifestyle, living in a caravan and caring for his horses. The world gets turned upside down by the arrival of his teenage son who has a prison sentence hanging over him. Billy has lived his life on an inner-city housing estate, and in his lifestyle theft and drugs are the norm. Using dramatic seasonal changes within the horse-trainer’s environment we follow the development of this fragile relationship. Both father and son’s value systems are tested, with dramatic consequences.

The roots of the film lie in the making of Seacoal, which was released in 1985. The film, depicting the lives of seacoalers on the Northumberland coast introduced members of Amber to a passion for horses, and the addictive pursuit of harness racing.

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