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Weegee - New York Photographs 1935 - 1950

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Arthur Fellig, alias Weegee, wrote ”Somehow, the word spread that I was psychic because I always managed to have my pictures in the hand of the papers before news of the event was generally known. I had my ways! I also had my ways with the girls…. the girls gave me my name after the current rage, the ouija board: “Weegee”. I liked it. (The spelling is mine) I’ve never known a better name or a better photographer.” from Weegee by Weegee

Weegee is endlessly buoyant, humane, inquisitive, his character studies are so riveting, compelling in their immediacy, their emotional and psychological resonance.
Weegee was a remarkable photographer whose early work is celebrated in the booklet with fifty-two photographs, together with essays by David Morse – Weegee’s-America – and Ainslie Ellis – Weegee – A Personal Impression. The booklet also contains the words of Weegee himself.

In 1947 he left New York for Hollywood and his photography took a more lighthearted, entertaining approach. He made some films, did a bit of acting and was consultant on Kubrick’s film Dr. Strangelove. He died in New York in 1968.

16’x12’, offset printed, 14 pp.
Published 1980, courtesy of Wilma Wilcox.

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