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John Davies - Retraced 81/19 (Signed Copies)

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Photographer John Davies, captures the landscape in a permanent state of flux. His black and white photographs show the complex scenery of post-industrial and industrial Europe shaped by time and human endeavour. He began photographing both the rural and urban landscape in the 1970s and this book brings together his early images alongside new contemporary works evisiting the same landscapes mapping both equilibrium and change. These pairs of images are made from the same vantage point, and tell of the alterations made by human activity and bear witness to cultural and social changes over nearly four decades.

- Gost Books (14 Nov. 2019) - ISBN 978-1-910401-34-7

- Hardback Clothbound Foil Debossed Cover - 22.1cm x 27.18cm

192 pages - 92 Duotone Images


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